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Hybrid Rocket Motor Delta – October 17, 2019

Oct 17 2019

The rocket motor body is mounted to a dual sliding rail system for upcoming ground tests. Here is a short video clip.…

Hybrid Rocket – Fabrication

Aug 04 2019

Fabricating experimental hybrid rocket motor delta… Drilled a 14mm diameter port through the solid paraffin. Fabricated the cap for the post combustion…

Hybrid Rocket – Fabrication

Aug 03 2019

Fabricating experimental hybrid rocket motor delta… Applied a mixture of black powder and nitrocellulose to the ignition wires. Fabricated the ignition chamber…

Hybrid Rocket – RC O2 Injection System Bench Testing

Jul 28 2019

Today we hooked up the remotely controlled O2 injection system using the same transmitter and receiver as we did for the remotely…

Hybrid Rocket Ignition -Mixture Testing

Jun 12 2019

Testing various mixtures to determine the best combination to use for igniting our hybrid rocket engines. Here is a short video demonstrating…

Beyond Blue Q1 Summit

Feb 03 2019

It was a great day yesterday with the three principal leaders of Beyond Blue getting together to set the direction for 2019…

Rocket Motor RC Ignition System Testing – September 16, 2018

Sep 16 2018

This afternoon we ran field tests of our custom designed RC ignition system using a conventional model rocket.  Three attempts were made…

Hybrid Rocket Motor Update – May 20, 2018

May 20 2018

Took the RC ignition system out for some field testing today.  Next up a few design improvements to the ignition system then…

Hybrid Rocket Motor Update – May 12, 2018

May 12 2018

Setup and initial testing of our remotely controlled ignition system. Here is a video of the workshop tests. The ignition system prototype…

Propulsion System R&D – November 17, 2017

Nov 18 2017

The team met in the Cobourg workshop to progress the planning and design efforts for our integrated propulsion system development program.