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Hybrid Rocket Ignition -Mixture Testing

Jun 12 2019

Testing various mixtures to determine the best combination to use for igniting our hybrid rocket engines. Here is a short video demonstrating…

Beyond Blue Q1 Summit

Feb 03 2019

It was a great day yesterday with the three principal leaders of Beyond Blue getting together to set the direction for 2019…

Rocket Motor RC Ignition System Testing – September 16, 2018

Sep 16 2018

This afternoon we ran field tests of our custom designed RC ignition system using a conventional model rocket.  Three attempts were made…

Hybrid Rocket Motor Update – May 20, 2018

May 20 2018

Took the RC ignition system out for some field testing today.  Next up a few design improvements to the ignition system then…

Hybrid Rocket Motor Update – May 12, 2018

May 12 2018

Setup and initial testing of our remotely controlled ignition system. Here is a video of the workshop tests. The ignition system prototype…

Propulsion System R&D – November 17, 2017

Nov 18 2017

The team met in the Cobourg workshop to progress the planning and design efforts for our integrated propulsion system development program.

A rainy Sunday at CYPQ

Oct 29 2017

Checking out if a National 490-C parachute will fit well in the front of the Citabria. Unfortunately it positions the front pilot…

Integrated Propulsion System Update – August 6, 2017

Aug 06 2017

Setup for Test Hyb-C A small hole was drilled into the combustion chamber side of the cylinder. Wires for the spark gap…

Integrated Propulsion System Update – July 16, 2017

Jul 16 2017

Click on the test headings for the video clips… The purpose of the Hyb-B test series is to develop a dependable ignition system…

Integrated Propulsion System Update – July 8, 2017

Jul 08 2017

Click on the test headings for the video clips… Test Hyb-B-1 Test spark gap igniter at 4.8V and 1A. Test Hyb-B-2 Test…