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Jul 28 2018

Air Legends B-25 is at CYPQ til July 29th. Here are some video clips from this morning at the airport.  

Now Available – The 2nd Edition of The Tailwheel Conversion Handbook

Jul 08 2018

Welcome to the 2nd Edition  The Tailwheel Conversion Handbook is a primary source of ground school information for pilots interested in learning…

Canada Day 2018

Jul 01 2018

Happy Canada Day (151) from Beyond Blue Aerospace …. Enjoy the day !

Under the Stars – June 9, 2018

Jun 10 2018

It was a pleasure being the master of ceremony at Alloy Fusion’s Under the Stars event at the Casa-Dea Estates Winery Saturday…

Under the Stars – April 28, 2018

Apr 29 2018

It was a pleasure to play a small part as the master of ceremony at Alloy Fusion’s inaugural show Under the Stars…

Upcoming Events

Apr 15 2018

We have added an events section to our website. Take a look when you get a chance. Events

2018 Yuri’s Night Was A Success

Apr 12 2018

Beyond Blue Aerospace participated in the world wide Yuri’s Night event celebrations with a group of local Grade 6 kids who were treated…

T-18 Days until Yuri’s Night !

Mar 25 2018

On April 12th, 1961, history was made when the first human being, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, went into space. Similarly, on April…

Under the Stars – Alloy Fusion Concerts

Mar 20 2018

Leave planet Earth behind as you thrill to otherworldly music, taking part in a voyage far from the here-and-now, traveling through space…

The Beyond Blue Shop is Taking Off!

Mar 03 2018

Let’s face it, sayings like, “How do you make a billion dollars in aerospace? Start with a trillion.” are statements that ring true for…