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Peterborough Airport 50th Anniversary Air Show and Gala

Sep 22 2019

Peterborough Airport 50th Anniversary

Tailwheel Conversion Handbook – Kindle Edition now Available

Jul 29 2019

The Kindle Edition of the Tailwheel Conversion Handbook – Citabria 7ECA – 2nd Edition is now available at the Kindle Store. The…

Canada’s Role in The Apollo Program

Jul 19 2019

As the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of humans first setting foot on the moon under the US Apollo program, it’s a…

A Reusable & Reliable Igniter!

Jun 14 2019

This igniter replaces the unreliable standard model rocket igniters and sits on the ground beside your rocket. The igniter is used in…

Our Launch Controller is now available !

Jun 14 2019

Our new launch controller is for E powered rockets and smaller when using standard model rocket igniters. When combined with the reusable…

Go Team STM-CanadaSat

Jun 03 2019

St. Thomas More Collegiate, an independent school in Burnaby, B.C, will be the first Canadian high school team ever to fly a…

Citabria Update – April 22, 2019

Apr 22 2019

Once the mist cleared enough for the flight I departed CYPQ and climbed to 4500′ over the south shore of Rice Lake…

Aircraft Parts & Services

Apr 17 2019

Beyond Blue Aerospace is your source for aircraft parts.  If you are a general aviation pilot, aircraft maintenance organization, aircraft mechanic, or…

Yuri’s Night 2019

Apr 13 2019

Beyond Blue Aerospace sponsored Yuri’s Night with the 534 Raider Air Cadet Squadron, in Peterborough Ontario. It was a three hour event…

Bring on Yuri’s Night 2019

Apr 11 2019

The Beyond Blue Aerospace team and our young helpers have been preparing for Yuri’s Night over the last few weeks. We have…