Cozy MKIV – October 2, 2019

October 2, 2019

The foam edges around the plywood shoulder support inserts were beveled.

Shop temperature 24 degC and humidity 60%.

A batch of epoxy was mixed using 128g resin and 48g hardner.

Three ply BID cloth 5″ x 5″ was wet out then cut into sixteen 1.25″ squares. Four squares were applied on top of each of the four plywood shoulder support inserts resulting in 12-ply of BID on each of the four inserts.

A small batch of micro was mixed and applied to the sides of both front seat headrests. Two ply of 10″ x 30″ BID cloth was wet out and then cut in half and the 5″ x 30″ pieces were applied to the sides of both headrests. An extra 3 plies of BID was added at the top of both headrests and peel ply was used at the rough edges.

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