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Cozy MKIV – September 7, 2019

Sep 07 2019

Cut out the headrest pieces using a band saw. Shaped the shoulder braces including the 45 deg bevels so they fit with…

Citabria – September 5, 2019

Sep 05 2019

A short cross country trip today including the grass strip at Greenbank (CNP8) and lunch on the patio in Lindsay (CNF4). Contact…

Cozy MKIV – September 4, 2019

Sep 04 2019

The shoulder support braces were fit into position and temporarily held in place with nails. Next, the headrest pieces were glassed. Shop…

Cozy MKIV – September 2, 2019

Sep 02 2019

Cut out the shoulder braces for the front seatback and redoing the headrests.

Cozy MKIV – September 1, 2019

Sep 01 2019

The front headrest pieces were cut out and assembled with 5-minute epoxy using a little flox mixed in. The right side headrest…