Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – May 17, 2019

May 17, 2019

Glassing the right fuselage side:

Cut the fiberglass cloth to approximate sizes in preparation for glassing.

Workshop temperature 25 deg C and humidity 53%.

Squeegee’d micro onto the foam and brushed epoxy onto any glass or wood.

Applied the 1st layer of UNI cloth oriented 30 deg to the longerons then applied the 2nd layer of UNI cloth oriented 30 deg to the longerons in the other direction.

Applied a 3rd layer of UNI cloth oriented along the horizontal (front to back).

Placed a 2″ wide piece of clear tape over the fuel sight gauge.

Layed out a 5″ wide, then a 4″ wide, then a 3″ wide strip on UNI cloth from bulkhead F28 to a location 15″ forward of the firewall and applied peel ply.

Layed out a 17″ long, then a 15″ long, then a 13″ long by 4″ wide strip of UNI cloth from 2″ beyond the engine mount forward across the fuselage side.

Two ply of BID cloth was added to the firewall and aft landing gear bulkhead area as per Figure 24. Peel ply was added to the edges.