BBA Parts & Services

September 8, 2018

Beyond Blue Aerospace (BBA) has recently created a Parts & Services department to provide aeronautical parts and services to the aviation community.

We supply only those used aeronautical parts to our customers that have been deemed acceptable for use by our inspectors or by our Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO) partner.  We have just begun establishing our parts inventory and will also be available to locate difficult to find parts for aircraft mechanics, owners, and homebuilders alike.  

We will be updating our website shortly with more information about our new parts & services department.

We are very pleased to announce that Jason Piecowye, BBA Maintenance Manager, will be leading the Parts & Services department at our Crooked Creek Facility.  If you need help locating aeronautical parts, or require any experimental aircraft specialty services (e.g. welding, composite work, light aircraft transportation etc.), don’t hesitate to contact us at or and we will be pleased to help you out.


BBA Parts & Services will provide revenue to help continue our Integrated Propulsion System and Suborbital Spaceflight Research & Development Program.

Please visit to see some of our existing products.