Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – July 2, 2018

July 2, 2018

Drilled small holes in the birch pieces for inserting nails. The nails will hold the pieces in place during cure.


Vacuumed the mating surfaces of the fuselage bottom and the 1″ & 2″ NACA scoop foam blocks.

Workshop temperature 27 deg C and humidity 64%. This was the first time in quite awhile that I didn’t have to turn the shop heater on. Its 28 deg C outside and very humid.

124g resin, 47g hardner, and glass bubbles were mixed to make a batch of micro slurry. The micro slurry was applied to the bottom of the fuselage floor where the NACA scoop blocks are located. A second batch of micro slurry was needed (50g resin, 19g hardner, glass bubbles). The blocks were positioned and then weighed down while the slurry cures.

Dry flox was made using 36g resin, 14g hardner, and flox. The birch pieces were floxed in place on both sides of the fuselage bottom between the landing gear bulkheads and between the aft landing gear bulkhead and the firewall. The pieces were held in place with nails during cure. Excess flox was wiped away.