Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – July 14, 2018

July 14, 2018

Cut 1″ thick foam pieces to position between the landing brake and the NACA scoop. This extra foam will be used to help level out the bottom of the fuselage from the landing brake to the landing gear bulkhead.

The workshop temperature was 24 deg C and humidity 62%.

A batch of flox was mixed using 16g resin and 6g hardner. The flox was used to permanently install the two horizontal pieces of birch plywood between the firewall and the aft landing gear bulkhead.

A batch of micro was mixed using 146g resin and 46g hardner. Micro was used to position the foam in place outbaord of the aft bulkheads and the extra foam forward of the NACA scoop.

A few clamps were put in place to hold the side pieces of foam and bricks were used to weigh down the extra foam forward of the NACA scoop.