Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – December 16, 2017

December 16, 2017

Developed a clamping scheme for supporting the heat duct and seat brace during cure.

Levelled the sawhorses and used hot glue to glue the fuselage to the sawhorses and the sawhorses and shims to the workshop floor.

Temporarily positioned the seat brace and heat duct in the fuselage to determine the locations where they fit together.

Shop temperature was 25 deg C and humidity was 38%.

38g resin was mixed with 14g hardner. There was a few air bubbles in the seat brace so small holes were drilled into the bubbles and a syringe was used to fill the air bubbles with epoxy.


Flox was mixed into the cup with the epoxy and the flox was applied to the heat duct.

The seat brace was positioned on the heat duct and supported in place with clamps while it cures.